Can I keep my domain name? 
Yes. If you let us know the details of your domain name’s registrar, we will contact them and take care of the transfer process, with no downtime. 
What will happen to my email? 
You have two options. Most clients transfer their email services to us, to benefit from our anti-spam technology. Alternatively, we can leave your email with your current provider. 
Why do I need to switch to your hosting? 
With our hosting you gain access to our unique itseeze website editor, giving you complete control over your site. With the itseeze editor you can change the content, optimise it for search engines, and use the website management tools. 
Our itseeze website editor runs on our own dedicated servers at a secure data centre in York. By controlling the entire ‘stack’ — the itseeze editor, the server operating system, and the server hardware — we can offer a faster, more reliable product. 
How do I sell things on my website? 
You’ll need the itseeze Shop package. Our advanced ecommerce system makes it easy for customers to buy through your website. You can upgrade at any time – just talk to your local consultant. 
What payment options do itseeze sites support? 
PayPal, WorldPay, Sage Pay, Authipay, CardPayGo, Cardstream, ePDQ (Barclaycard), Global Iris, Handepay, Pay Global, Paymentsense, and Retail Merchant Services. If you need another payment method we may be able to add support, for a single one-off cost. 
What do I get for my monthly subscription? 
Unlimited editing – log in to the itseeze website editor at any time to make changes. You’ll avoid the expense of having a web designer make simple changes to your site. 
New features and updates – we’re constantly updating the itseeze editor with new features. You have access to these as soon as they’re ready. 
Support – we’re always here to help. You’ll receive ongoing advice from your local consultant or access to an expert team at the itseeze Head Office. You also have access to online support at any time – with lots of help guides and 'how-to' videos. 
Technical stuff – we host your website on a secure and reliable server, and we renew your domain name each year. 
What extra costs are there? 
None at all – if an itseeze Lite, Max or Shop website meets your needs and you use the itseeze website editor to keep your website up to date. However, we do offer bespoke development work, like animation, a new logo design, or customisations. Also, if you need help with providing your website content, or simply don't want to complete website updates yourself, please ask your local consultant for a quotation. 
Do I need any special software to edit my site? 
No. You can edit your site in any modern web browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. You can edit your website wherever you are in the world — all you need is a computer with a web browser and an internet connection. 
How many pages can my website have? 
Lite customers are limited to 5 pages. With our full packages (Max and Shop), you can have as many as you want. Our itseeze editor makes it easy to keep a consistent design across your site, and pages can be grouped into categories, subcategories, and so on, making it easy for your visitors to navigate even the largest sites. 
How long will it take to create my site and go live? 
We aim to have your site ready to go live within 17 working days of content being submitted. Your local consultant can help you gather the required information to ensure the process is as quick as possible. 
Will my website be secure? 
At your end: only you have access to the itseeze website editor. You can, if you wish, give other people access rights. Our advanced permissions management system lets you control exactly what they can access and edit. 
At our end: we host your website on servers at a secure data centre in York, with each server mirrored to a backup that will take over in the event of a hardware failure. In addition, all sites are backed up daily to ensure your data is safe. 
Will my site be built to W3C standards? 
Yes. For those in the know, all our sites are built using HTML 5, the latest W3C standard for HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets. 
Can you help me get the best results in Google and other search engines? 
It takes time, but we give you a good start. Before your site goes live, our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team will review all sites to ensure they have appropriate metadata. You will also receive our free SEO Guide to help you keep your site ranking well. 
When your site goes live, we submit it to all of the major search engines and directories (including Google and Bing). All our sites include an automatically updated XML sitemap, ensuring search engines can quickly find out about changes you’ve made to your site. 
We also set you up with a Google Analytics account, so you can keep track of which pages are performing well, and which ones need attention. 
How easy is it to contact my local consultant for guidance and advice? 
Just pick up the phone, or send them an email. We also have a support line at our Head Office, letting you contact our team of experts. 
Is itseeze GDPR compliant? 
Yes, itseeze is fully GDPR compliant, and we are registered with the ICO as both a data controller and a data processor. You can read our privacy policy to learn more about how we process and store data. 
Is itseeze a data controller or processor? 
For the data we hold on clients and prospective clients, itseeze is data controller. For the data collected and held by our clients through their itseeze websites, we are a data processor. 
What has itseeze done to ensure the websites it designs are GDPR compliant? 
We take privacy and security seriously at itseeze, which is why we put several measures in place before 25th May 2018 to ensure our clients could easily achieve GDPR compliance through their websites. 
These measures included updating the privacy policy and cookie policy on client websites, adding free SSL certificates, and revising the cookie notice. You can learn more about the changes we made in our blog post about GDPR
Who is responsible for the data collected through my website - myself or itseeze? 
As the owner of your website, you are responsible for the personal data collected through it as you are the data controller (the business or organisation that is collecting and using the personal data). This means that it is your responsibility to ensure the data is stored securely and used correctly. 
You are also responsible for how any third party components – such as widgets or iframes - use the data collected through your website – these are the data processors (businesses or organisations that process data on your behalf). Please note that all third party components available through the itseeze website editor have already been checked for GDPR compliance. 
How can I make my itseeze website compliant? 
We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to make sure your itseeze website is compliant – just follow the steps in our helpful GDPR website checklist to ensure your website complies with the new data protection laws. 
Can I replace the standard itseeze privacy policy with my own? 
It is possible to replace the standard privacy policy with your own by deleting the privacy policy component and adding a text component instead. However, if you do this, you must also incorporate all of the clauses from the standard privacy policy that cover what the itseeze website editor does with data, how third party services process data, and how cookies are used on your site. 
Instead of replacing the standard privacy policy with your own, we’d therefore recommend that you incorporate your own clauses into the privacy policy that we have provided. This way, your policy will still update automatically whenever we make changes and will also include all the relevant clauses on how your website processes data. 
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